The king of tradition. A romantic visionary. A legend in the industry.

About James Clifford

A truly prestigious designer, James Clifford started his formal career as a designer at the New England School of Art and Design. Following graduation, he participated in a two-year apprenticeship at the House of Bianchi and was then recruited by Priscilla of Boston. During his nineteen years at Priscilla, James designed for numerous celebrity and prestigious political weddings, including that of Julie Nixon and Lucy Baines Johnson.

In 1980, James moved to New York City. While holding the position of head designer at Galina Bouquet, James worked to establish his own style and make his unique mark on the bridal gown industry. In 1987, James’ hard work proved prolific when he joined a major bridal manufacturer. James furthered his career in September of 2004 by premiering an exclusive new upscale bridal gown collection for the Spring 2005 season, The James Clifford Collection. This collection resonates with James’ legendary vision, talent and unmistakable style.  |  View all of our collections